Sunday, July 2, 2017

Aaron Burr is one of those few people in American history that has a bad rap. In his part of the Hamilton/Burr duel, he essentially ruined his political career. As a side effect, the duel has forever linked him to Hamilton. If he knew this, he probably would roll around in his grave, or curse the day he ever stepped in Weehawken, New Jersey.

As much as America supposedly enjoys a good anti-hero, Burr will probably never fit the bill. Another side effect of his infamous part in the duel can be seen clearly in Hamilton. Hamilton has secured his place in America's pantheon of villains. Mr. Burr will never be able to tell his side of the story, so most of us will speculate what his intentions really were on that morning in July.

 Even today, Americans remember him for one incident instead of the other positive things he did for our fledgling nation. I can't list them here, but I'm sure there was many. Give me a sec, this might take a while. *Quickly runs out the read more about Aaron Burr*

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